Visit to Huskypark

Come and see the life of Estonian family in a contryside farm of Hellerkantri Huskypark sled dogs

We are located in Raplamaa about 67km from Tallinn city center. You can come by train or by car – both about the 1hr trip. Huskypark is open for visitors all-year-round. The one and only Huskypark sled dogs farm in Estonia is our home. We say no to mass tourism and we are oriented in smaller groups, however, it can get little busier on popular dates such as Christmas and NYE period. 

In 2004 our kennel (Hellerkantri) was registered in FCI. Today we have 10 pure-breed Alaskan malamutes30 Siberian huskies, 3 horses, a rabbit, and a cat. Check our packages below and feel free to book your visit via e-mail

PACKAGE IKO – Huskypark visit

Package Iko starts with a guided tour. We will take you to the Indian teepee tent, where we tell you about the farm and dogs. Meeting, patting and giving some snacks to our horses and sled dogs. If we have puppies you can play with them in a yard. After tour you’re invited to our cosy husky-hut where we serve you some refreshment drink and snacks (in price). You can relax on front of a fire-place or sit in a garden and enjoy your time at country side… :)

When? All year round
Group size: 2-25
Lenght of package: about 1,5-2hrs
Price: 40€ per person, 25€ per child (1-7yrs)

PACKAGE MOONY – Huskypark visit & hike with sled dogs in farm area

Package Moony is like package Iko but after the guided tour it’s time to burn some calories and take our dogs for a walk. :) We will show you how to harness your dog and how to wear a canicross belt and lead a sled dog. You can choose between 1km or 4km track. After the tour, you’re invited to our cozy husky-hut where we serve you some refreshment drink and snacks (in price). You can relax in front of a fire-place or sit in a garden and enjoy your time at the country side.

When? All year round
Group size: 2-20
Length of the package: 2-2.5hrs
Price: 60€ per person, 40€ per child (1-7yrs)

PACKAGE TOM – Huskypark visit & hike with sled dogs in a beautiful Nature Reserve and bog

Package Tom is like package Iko but after guided tour, some refreshment drink and snacks in a husky hut we pack our stuff and dogs in a van and start driving (about 30minutes) to explore beautiful Estonian nature together with some of our lovely sled dogs. Hike is about 4km (also possible to do longer hike) and it goes throughout bog, passing by several bog pools and lakes. You can enjoy epic views on top of the observation tower. Time to enjoy silence, peace and freshest air…

When? All year round
Group size: 2-10
Length of the package: about 4-5hrs
Price: 80€ per person, 60€ per child (1-7yrs)

PACKAGE NOVESTA – styled photoshoot with sled dogs and horses

Huskypark’s photographer Mariin makes lovely photos of you in 3-4 situations. If you like you can wear our hand-made style jackets and accessories. Photoshoot is limited to 2 adults + kids (5 in total). You will receive a gallery of 25-30 edited print size photos in a week.
Photoshoot length is about 30 minutes. Photoshoot price is 150€ and it shall combine with one of our visit packages.

Packages Iko + Novesta:
190€ for 1 person
230€ for 2 persons

Packages Moony + Novesta:
210€ for 1 person
265€ for 2 persons

Packages Tom + Novesta:
230€ for 1 person
310€ for 2 persons

Packages Zuuzy + Novesta
205€ for 1 person
280€ for 2 persons

PACKAGE ZUUZY – Huskypark visit and dog sledding

Package Zuuzy starts with a guided tour. We will take you to the Indian teepee tent, where we tell you about the farm and dogs. Meeting, patting and giving some snacks to our horses and sled dogs. After the tour, we harness dogs and going for a 1km sledding tour. For the safety of dogs and visitors, Huskypark family members are standing behind sleds, visitors can enjoy the ride sitting on a sled. When we turn back to home with dogs and visitors you are invited to our cozy husky-hut where we serve you some hot tea and cake. You can relax in front of a fire-place and enjoy your time in the countryside… :)

When? December until early March
Group size: 2-25
Length of the package: about 2-3hrs
Price: 80€ per person, 60€ per child (1-7yrs)


  • Option 1 – rent a car! We are 67km/60min drive away from Tallinn city center! Check Google maps to see the road trip route. Type in Google maps or Waze app: Huskypark OÜ
  • Option 2 – transfer by car! Round-trip in comfortable air-conditioned car for 1-4 passengers 70€ total. Pick-up and drop-off from Tallinn city center or your accommodation.
  • Option 3 – jump on a train and enjoy a comfy ride to the countryside! It takes only 60mins drive from station Balti Jaam/Tallinn to station Keava! Station Balti Jaam / Tallinn is just about 8-10 minutes walk from Tallinn old town / Town Hall center. You can buy a ticket from a train and it costs 3.30€ one way per person. We offer train station transfers: Keava –  Huskypark – Keava in additional fee 8€ per person. There are free WiFi and power sockets on a train. Train timetables:


We had an amazing time here and it was the perfect visit for our honeymoon. Mariin was dedicated, eloquent and ever so caring. No trip to Estonia would be complete without this if you absolutely adore dogs!

Cedric Wceke, Singapore (comment in Google – Huskypark OÜ)

What can I say but that this was the absolute highlight of our holiday in Tallinn! A fabulous train journey across snow covered Estonian countryside. Lovely family that owns this farm. Mariin was so lovely throughout the tour from pick up at the station to intros to the Huskies and Malamutes. And the dogs! They are the best thing about this whole experience! I loved meeting all the adult dogs and puppies. There’s also a friendly cat and three horses to add more flavour. Can’t recommend this experience enough!

Kanika Punj, India (comment in Google – Huskypark OÜ)

Last week we visit Hellerkanti with 10 colleagues during our trip in Estonia. It was really nice and we had a great time there with the dogs, cat, rabbit and horses. Everything was well organized and we were received full of enthusiasm which made us feel right at home. We could cuddle with the dogs and made a nice husky sleigh trip, which was unforgettable. The visit concluded with delicious coffee, tea and delicacies. When you visit Estonia, be sure to stop by!

Sannemul, The Netherlands. (Comment in Tripadvisor – Hellerkantri)

Excellent day, so much fun and such wonderful huskies and malamutes. Tom the husky was our favourite! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and recommend to all dog lovers visiting Estonia 

F.Howes, UK. (Comment on Facebook – Kennel Hellerkantri & Huskypargi kelgukoerad)


Contact our daughter Mariin via e-mail: or send her text message in WhatsApp +372 56 565 166 to book your visit to Huskypark.

You don’t have to make pre-payment for your booking. You can pay for package on your visit day.

matk kelgukoertega
Mariin with our alaskan malamutes Star and Novesta

alaska malamuudi kutsikad Hellerkantri Huskypark Hellerkantri Huskypark kelgukoerte jalgsimatkad Raplamaal Kelgukoerte jalgsimatk Raplamaal Huskypargis Huskypark dog sledding in Estonia kelgukoerte turismitalu Huskypark hobused Our horses Nukuke, Meloodia & Halloo Kelgukoerte jalgsimatkad Huskypargis Raplamaal Tom the husky – always happy You can buy knitted socks made by our sled dogs fur  Our lovely husky hut.. :)  Lead dog Zipo